CA proposition 33-auto insurance discount


Moderate quake rattles central Ca

The U.S. Geological Survey says nearly 5,000 people reported on its website feeling the magnitude 5.3 quake after it struck shortly before midnight Saturday near King City

Taiwan: Visa-free status for U.S. passport holders

TECO ( The Taipei Economic and Culture Office) in San Francisco announced that starting November 1st, Taiwanese government will extend visa-free status of U.S. passport holders from 30 days to 90 days.

SF District 1 elex for supervisor: Eric Mar vs. David Lee


Xin Hai 100 years photo exhibition

River of Life Christian Church host a photo exhibition about local Christians’ contributions to the Xinhai Revolution.

Interview with Fung Kai, the director of Taiwan movie “Din Tao”

Movie “Din Tao” is the number one hit local movie of the year in Taiwan. Its director Fung Kai arrives in San Francisco today to attend the Taiwanese Film Festival….

Wuxi hopes to be the “Eastern Silicon Valley”

A delegation from Wuxi city, China is recruiting high tech professionals from the Silicon Valley. In order to become the “Eastern Silicon Valley”, the Wuxi government offers a lot of incentives to investors and professionals who decide to start businesses there. A bay area businessman who operates a startup company in Wuxi offers his analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of running a high tech company in China.

Hercules homicide victim’s family speak to the media

Neighbors found Susie Ko, 55, unresponsive at her home on Ash Court in Hercules last Friday night after she failed to pick up her husband at the airport as planned.She was pronounced dead at the scene. Ko’s family and the president of the Hercules Chinese association talk to KTSF about Susie Ko.

California gasoline price jumps 8 cents overnight

The cost of gasoline in California jumped 8 cents overnight and is poised to soar to the highest point this year in what analysts say is a supply problem fueled by refinery and pipeline outages…

Presidential debate-watching parties in San Francisco

Presidential debate-watching parties in San Francisco

Taiwan official reacts to new visa-free policy

Bruce Fuh (Gen-Gang Fuh) , the new Director-General of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in San Francisco, commented on the impact of new visa policy between US and taiwan when he arried SFO this evening.

Bay Area weekend visit by Nobel Peace Prize laureate

Nobel Peace Prize laureate and Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi visits the Bay Area this weekend. She spoke at the San Francisco Freedom Forum today on the topic – The Long Road to Freedom…

California bill boosts social network privacy

California Gov. Jerry Brown has signed a pair of privacy bills making it illegal for employers and colleges to demand access to social media accounts.

Only 43% of 2012 SAT test takers are college ready

The SAT Report on College & Career Readiness released today revealed that only 43 percent of SATR takers…

Google: #1 in hiring for tech companies in Silicon Valley

According to new numbers released by the California Employment Development Department, Google took the top spot among tech companies in Silicon valley in hiring…

City college celebrated opening of new Chinatown/North Beach Campus

city college chinatown campus nb

City College of San Francisco is celebrating the opening of its new Chinatown/North Beach campus today, just days after the release of a report suggesting the community college is on the brink of insolvency. The 14-story campus at 800 Kearny St. is expected to serve more than 7,500 students, according to City College officials. It includes a childcare observation lab, library, computer laboratories, a multipurpose room and teleconference capabilities.

Save China Camp campaign continues

Friends of China Camp, a non-profit organization took over China Camp State Park in July after getting a three-year contract from state government. The park is open everyday now. However, It takes about half million dollars per year to operate the park plus 80 thousand dollar for capital project this year…

SF District One supervisor election debate


The Bully Project of SFUSD


Martin Luther King Middle School violence


SF reax to Diaoyu Island tension


Cathay Pacific airline bans shark fins as air cargo


New techology’s impact on semiconductor industry in Silicon Valley


Asian Imported Food Safety


Silicon Valley’s million dollar homes


Chevron closes two claim centers in Richmond


Jury orders Samsung to pay $1.05 billion

蘋果公司勝訴,訴訟結果對消費者來說有甚麼影響?是否又會牽動手機的銷售?來聽聽灣區華人業者 和消費者的看法。

Chancellor Robert Birgeneau discussed issues regarding California’s tax propostion


Liu Te-Shun interview


One-on-one interview with Te-Shun Liu