National College Fairs


Financial planners’ advices on planning for college funds…

College tuition plans


College students and parents’ viewpoints on student loans and debts…

Chinese business CEO’s visit Bay Area


Dozens CEOs of prominent Chinese companies are in the Bay Area to look for business and investment opportunities…

Laughter across the North America


The famous “xiangsheng” comedian Guo Degang is in the Bay Area.

Lawmaker unveils California language initiative

California Ed.G.E. Initiative will revisit the state’s commitment to language policy in schools…

Taiwan’s Sunflower student movement


(中文) 清華大學研究生魏揚,是被視為帶領群眾攻佔行政院而一戰成名,魏揚和黃郁芬這次受台灣人公共事務會…..

Members of CKT worry about their reputation

Members of CKT worried reputation was smeared…

Ed Jew can’t avoid county jail time

(中文) 前舊金山市議員趙悅明,因為收賄勒索罪,在聯邦監獄坐了四年半的牢,日前出獄,不過他還無法成為自由之身,今天舊金山高等法院法官,維持原判,趙悅明必須因為做偽證,在縣監獄服刑一年….

Marine war hero Major Kurt Lee passes away

Major Kurt Chew-Een Lee, the first non-white person to hold a regular commission in the Marine Corps and a valiant in the Korean War, passed away recently…

Bay Area man charged with ATM scam

Bay Area man charged with ATM scam…

White House Student Film Festival

(中文) 白宮日前舉行了一個小型的學生影節,參賽者全都是幼稚園到高中生,東灣irvington高中華裔女學生林玉婷的作品, 獲得青睞…..

Chinese parents say No to SCA 5

A group of Chinese and Indian parents protest against SCA 5 outside state assemblyman Paul Fong’s office in Campbell…

SF travel agency closes without warning

SF travel agency closes without warning…

Google donated $6.8 million for youth Muni passes

Four years degree in Community colleges

A state senate bill would allow community college to offer 4 year bachelor degrees for some courses.

The San Francisco Mounted Police Unit

The San Francisco Mounted Police Unit…

Water dripping into nw Bay Bridge

(中文) 灣區這幾天迎來民眾期待已久的降雨,但是這場雨也暴露出海灣大橋新橋的漏水問題,官員表示無安全疑慮….

Legislation requires kill switch to mobile device

New legislation would require mobile devices to come equipped with an anti-theft deterrent known as a “kill switch.”…

Westlake Christian Terrace celebrates four centenarians

(中文) 奧克蘭西湖公寓大樓,今天有四位百歲人瑞一起過壽,來聽聽他們的長壽秘訣…..

Bitcoin and Taiwan

(中文) 電子貨幣比特幣Bitcoin,自5年前推出後,持續受到人們歡迎,日前一場科技研討會,與會的台灣專家表示,台灣政府不能忽視比特幣的存在,應該要將比特幣攤在陽光下…..

KTSF anchors share Chinese New Year moments

KTSF anchors share Chinese New Year moments

China’s one child policy

(中文) 舊金山太平洋醫療中心,婦產科首位華裔主任范淵達,過去13年來,致力於降低中國的剖腹產率,促進中國婦女的安全,在去年獲得中國婦幼最高榮譽,宋慶齡樟樹獎,范淵達對於中國即將解禁的一胎化,也提出了醫療上的建言….

SF man arrested, charged with luxury watch scam

A man was arrested and charged today for allegedly scamming customers through his Internet-based luxury watch and jewelry consignment businesses…

Beijing students visit local farm

(中文) 昨天一群來自北京的小學生,參觀Palo Alto Ohlone西岸小學,進行環保交流,該校除了是中文沉浸式學校外,另一個特色就是有自己經營的農場….

Beijing young ambassadors visit bay area

(中文) 一群來自北京的小學生和Palo Alto一所小學進行環保交流,談到北京嚴重的霧霾,認為環保教育在中國應該從小就要培養….

New Asiana video shows sensitive images

(中文) 發生在去年七月舊金山國際機場,韓亞航空空難,救難過程的畫面,全部紀錄在參與救援消防車的攝相機上…

49ers take off for Seattle

(中文) 美式足球舊金山淘金者隊,今天下午出發前往西雅圖,此刻已經抵達西雅圖,作充分的休息,準備在本週日NFC國聯冠軍賽,客場挑戰宿敵海鷹隊,爭奪超級盃門票…..

Chinese Consulate arson suspect appears in court

(中文) 中國駐舊金山總領事館縱火案,嫌犯馮嚴豐今天出庭…

More students are taking ACT and SAT

(中文) SAT是高中生申請美國大學的標準入學測試,不過近年來,也有越來越多的考生選擇另一項測驗ACT,不過ACT對亞洲學生來說,卻是十分陌生,究竟這兩個考試有甚麼不同….

San Jose church reopens after fire

(中文) 今天是平安夜,教會都有許多慶祝活動,但對聖荷西第一衛理公會來說,今年的聖誕節更具意義,而鮮為人知的是,其實這個教會與早期華裔移民,有深厚的關係……