Santa Clara votes on wage theft ordinance


Santa Clara County will vote on the implementation of Phase 1 of the wage theft prevention ordinance…

School closures upset parents in San Mateo

rain umbrella nb

Some parents in the Peninsula complain about school closure on Thursday…

Lawsuit accuses Harvard of discrimination

harvard uni nb

A lawsuit filed by a student organization accused Harvard University for discriminating Asian students in its enrollment process….

Chinese blessing scams prevention

blessing scam

San Francisco police warned the public to beware scamming artists targeting the Chinese Community…

Jenny Lin, mysterious unsolved murder

(中文) 東灣Castro Valley 華裔女孩林涵琪,20年前在自家遇害,至今尚未破案,此案也被為灣區十大奇案之一, 帶您回顧這個案子以及林家人20年來的心路歷程……

Stone-age eating with Paleo diet

paleo-diet nb

Stone-age eating with Paleo diet…

Eatwell, tableware for people with special needs

eatwell 2

Eatwell, tableware for people with special needs…

Quan and Schaaf talk about Oakland mayor transition

Jean 1

Quan and Schaaf talked about transition…

State Assembly election results


State Assembly election results…

Oakland mayoral candidate forum


Oakland mayoral candidate forum…

Friends of Children with Special Needs South Bay Center


(中文) 有鑒於那些家有特殊兒童的家庭,對服務有逼切的需求,總部位於東灣Fremont的華人特殊兒童之友,經過三年的尋覓,南灣活動中心住址終於確定….

Candidate for Saratoga City Council

John-Chen nb

John Chen for Saratoga city council..

Yan Zhao for Saratoga city council

Yan zhao nb

Yan Zhao for Saratoga city council…

Saratoga City Council candidate

emily lo

Emily Lo for Saratoga city council…

Four Northern California faults primed for big quakes


Three fault segments running beneath Northern California are overdue for a major earthquake…

The murder of Henry Liu Part Three

Henry Liu nb

Henry Liu’s death has helped push forward the democratic process in Taiwan…

The murder of Henry Liu Part Two

Henry Liu nb

The murder of Henry Liu Part Two…

The murder of Henry Liu Part One

Henry Liu nb

The murder of Henry Liu Part One…

Innovator of Zhu’s scalp acupunture


Acupuncture experts gather in San Jose for an upcoming summit to discuss developments in treatment…

Local exhibition on 9/18 event


(中文) 今天是918事變83周年,一名住在東灣的華裔,過去20年來收藏抗日戰爭時期,日本軍隊使用刀器,他收藏的目的何在….

Ice Bucket Challenge raises awareness of rare diseases

Jean Lee nb

The genetic disease called SCA causes patients to lose control of their mobility and speech…

KTSF founder Lillian Howell honored at SF City Hall


San Francisco Board of Supervisors will honor Lillian Howell Tuesday at the board meeting…

KTSF owner fully respect news editorial independence

Lillian Howell nb

As an owner of the first Chinese news programming in the U.S., Lillian Howell insisted newsroom independence…

Asian tourists injured in Canada bus crash


A bus carrying Asian tourists has rolled over on a mountain highway in Canada and dozens of people have been injured…

Mom thanks donors for son’s heart surgery

Mongolian boy nb

3-year-old Mengzhuo underwent a heart surgery and is recovering. His mom thanks the donations made towards his medical bills…

Cupertino to get super-fast broadband service

Cupertino will become the first city west of the Rockies to get AT&T’s super-fast broadband Internet service

Bay Area doctor flies to west Africa to help stop Ebola

Ebola bay area doctor nb

Bay Area doctor flies to west Africa to help stop Ebola…

City of San Francisco sued over runway death after Asiana crash


The parents of a teen who was run over and killed by emergency vehicles after an Asiana Airlines crash filed a lawsuit against the city of SF…

Fiery Chinese rights lawyer released from prison


China’s rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng whose accounts of torture drew international criticism of Beijing was released from prison Thursday…

PG&E uses innovative gas leak detection

gas leak

PG&E demonstrate the technology they are using to detect underground gas leak…