Founder of TransAsia Airways on air travel safety


100-year-old founder of TransAsia airlines comments on the plane crashes happened recently…

California agency approves hiring “water cops”

浪費水的用戶每天最高罰款500美元 (KTSF)

A water agency in the Silicon Valley will hire several “water cops” to issue fines to people caught wasting water…

Stephen Curry’s first select camp


(中文) 金州勇士隊後衛 Stephen Curry,這個暑假第一次舉辦全球高中明星球員訓練營,其中一位是來自北京清華附中的畢業生劉育辰…..

Isabella Cooke wins title of “Miss California Princess”


7-year-old Isabella Cooke of San Mateo was recently crowned the 2014 National American Miss California…

San Leandro auto theft increase

San Leandro

San Leandro police said there has been a sharp increase of car burglaries in the city…

Why are dogs and humans so close ?

dog and human nb

Why are dogs and humans so close…

Is eating dog meat a culinary tradition in China?

yuling dog feature nb

The battle between the culture of eating dog meat in China and humanitarianism…

China dog-eaters dodge activists with early feast

yuling dog feature nb

The controversy of the dog meat festival in Guangxi China….

High court setback for underage visa applicants


U.S. Supreme Court denies visa priority for children who turn 21…

United launches nonstop flights from SFO to Chengdu

united 3

United Airlines begins its direct service to Chengdu…

Caltrans finds seismic joint problems on Carquinez Bridge


A damaged seismic expansion joint showing signs of premature wear on Carquinez Bridge…

SF Mayor presents $17B 2-year proposed budget


San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee presented his budget for fiscal years 2014 and 2015 to the Board of Supervisors…

Armed robbery occurred at liquor store


A reward of up to $1,000 will award to any person who provide information leading to the arrest…

Heartbroken mother of stabbed victim spoke

Weihan-Wang-20 nb

The mother of UC Santa Barbara stabbed victim David Wang spoke of her tragic loss…

Japanese Americans The Untold Story


An elderly Japanese American couple shared their stories of the internment camp during WWII…

AACP promotes Asian American culture and education


A Japanese American couple have ran a bookstore in San Mateo for over 40 years to promote Asian culture…

94027 Atherton the most expensive zip code


Home prices are up all over the Bay Area and the Atherton zip code–94027– is now the most pricey in the entire nation…

Fremont school bond measure largest ever

Voters in Fremont will decide on a $650 million measure in June ballot…

National College Fairs


Financial planners’ advices on planning for college funds…

College tuition plans


College students and parents’ viewpoints on student loans and debts…

Chinese business CEO’s visit Bay Area


Dozens CEOs of prominent Chinese companies are in the Bay Area to look for business and investment opportunities…

Laughter across the North America


The famous “xiangsheng” comedian Guo Degang is in the Bay Area.

Lawmaker unveils California language initiative


California Ed.G.E. Initiative will revisit the state’s commitment to language policy in schools…

Taiwan’s Sunflower student movement


(中文) 清華大學研究生魏揚,是被視為帶領群眾攻佔行政院而一戰成名,魏揚和黃郁芬這次受台灣人公共事務會…..

Members of CKT worry about their reputation


Members of CKT worried reputation was smeared…

Ed Jew can’t avoid county jail time


(中文) 前舊金山市議員趙悅明,因為收賄勒索罪,在聯邦監獄坐了四年半的牢,日前出獄,不過他還無法成為自由之身,今天舊金山高等法院法官,維持原判,趙悅明必須因為做偽證,在縣監獄服刑一年….

Marine war hero Major Kurt Lee passes away

Kurk lee

Major Kurt Chew-Een Lee, the first non-white person to hold a regular commission in the Marine Corps and a valiant in the Korean War, passed away recently…

Bay Area man charged with ATM scam


Bay Area man charged with ATM scam…

White House Student Film Festival

film nb

(中文) 白宮日前舉行了一個小型的學生影節,參賽者全都是幼稚園到高中生,東灣irvington高中華裔女學生林玉婷的作品, 獲得青睞…..

Chinese parents say No to SCA 5


A group of Chinese and Indian parents protest against SCA 5 outside state assemblyman Paul Fong’s office in Campbell…