Heart to Heart Starting an end of life conversation

heart to heart

Heart to Heart is a communication activity designed to make it easier for a family member, a caregiver, or a health provider to understand what a loved one wants to be done when life is ending……

El Camino Hospital provides Chinese “Patient ambassadors” service


El Camino Hospital launched “ patient ambassadors program” , which is a collaboration with….

A new concert model in Bay Area


With the increase of the Chinese population in the Bay Area, more and more Asian singers come here to hold concerts…

Chinese engineers play music to relieve stress


In Silicon Valley, a group of Chinese engineers play ” keyboards” and other instruments at night to relieve their stresses…

TSA eliminated ” Managed inclusion”


TSA alters its precheck program. how it will affect the flows at airport’s security…

Cal Goalball Team for blind students Part 1


UC Berkeley students recently created the first college sport team students with visual impairments…

8.3-magnitude quake rattles north Chile


massive 8.3 magnitude tremor strikes Chile…

Monte Jade celebrates 25th anniversary

monte jade

Monte Jade is going to hold its 25th annual conference, the theme is celebrating the past, envisioning the future….

2015 SAT scores are the lowest in a decade


Scores on the SAT have sunk to the lowest level since the college admission test was overhauled in 2005….