Patient in critical condition after decision to halt liver transplant

Patient in critical condition after decision to halt liver transplant. Doctor said the decision is right….

North Korea warns of war with South after artillery fire


North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on Friday declared his front-line troops in a “quasi-state of war”…

Key Chinese manufacturing index falls to 77-month low


China’s manufacturing contracted by an unexpectedly large margin this month….

Tensions rise in Korea as shells fired over DMZ


South Korea fired dozens of shells Thursday at North Korea after claiming…

Toxic chemical levels high in Chinese city hit by blast


Tianjin blast site discover 40 different toxic chemical…

HK justice secretary claims student leader arrest is not politically motiviated


Hong Kong Justice secretary denied that the decision to arrest student leader in last year’s occupy protests was politically motivated…

Tianjin blast site fears of more chemical reaction


Tianjin residents fears more chemical reaction on site. Tianjin’s enviornmental department said pollution in air and water remained at safe leves.

Hong Kong police charges student leaders over protest


Hong Kong police has formally charged three student activists over the occupy protest in 2014…

Tianjin Explosion: Top Executives Detained


The son of a former police chief is one of two silent owners of the warehouse for hazardous materials in Tianjin…