Mystery Illness Make Foot Keep On Growing

(中文) 二十八歲的小張身高不足一米八,十六歲開始雙腳就不斷變大

Bridal Cheating Increase In China

(中文) 中國統計局公布去年年底,中國男性人口比女性多三千多萬人

Full report on Lamma Ferry tragedy released


(中文) 香港南丫島撞船事故3週年前夕,香港政府決定全面公開,撞船事故調查委員會的完整報告…

Chinese state run paper responds to Li Ka Shing’s statement


Chinese state run newspaper Global Times responds to Li Ka Shing’s statement…

Li Ka Shing defends his business strategy


Hong Kong tycoon Li Ka Shing defended his business strategy against accusations from China’s state media…

China crackdown on illegal pregnancy website


Chinese authorities crack down on illegal pregnancy website…

Xi big money pledges underpin Chinese diplomacy


Chinese President Xi Jinping is offering more than $1.1 billion to help with global peacekeeping efforts…

RMB devaluation make matters worse for Chinese suppliers


The world’s largest retailer Wal-Mart said, RMB devaluation helps to decrease the cost of production…

Fire drill sent students to hospital in Gansu


The number of students in critical condition rose to 37…

Two brothers prosecuted for killing panda in China


Two people have been prosecuted for killing a panda