Audit released on San Jose Police

(KTSF by Lynne Ku)

 LaDoris Cordell, auditor of the Office of the Independent Police Auditor in San Jose, presented her police audit report and recommendations to the City Council today. She made 30 recommendations in the report and wants police officers to document the ethnicity or race of everyone ordered to “curb sit” and to record the specific reason for the stop. Cordell says, ” I think once we start documenting it, those behaviors, if they’re proper, will be documented and if it’s not proper, they’ll change.”

She also suggest that police officers wear small cameras on their uniforms to record interaction with the public. “Number one, it’s going to protect police officers from bogus complaints . Secondly, it will reduce the numbers of claims and lawsuits against the city because the action will be right there on video.”


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