ATM gives $50 instead of $20 bills

Imagine going to your bank’s ATM, withdrawing money and the cash machine gives you more than double the amount you asked for.

As reporter erik rosales shows you that’s exactly what some california bank customers experienced over the weekend.

Withdrawing money from an atm you don’t expect to double your money… right?

But imagine instead of 20′s, you receive 50 dollar bills. So instead of 100 dollars, you receive 250 dollars, well that’s what happened at this ATM over the weekend.

I wish I could have gotten some of that money.

I wish it was me that could have gotten that money. But I hope who ever got it, I hope they really need it.

Bank of America customers could not believe it…

An ATM paying out better than any slot machine in vegas.

So how much money was taken? We’ll Bank of America representatives aren’t telling us, and they won’t share any of the video as well.

Bank of America media relations, colleen haggerty did send me an email, stating, “this was an isolated situation that occurred at our east fresno banking center on saturday. once we were made aware of the issue, it was quickly rectified.

So how did it happen?

The bank’s not saying but someone probably put the wrong bills in the wrong slot.

But now the question is… would you give the extra money back?

It was the machine, it was their bank mistake, I don’t think they should give the money back.

I think it’s better to do the right thing because eventually karma is going to get back to you.”

Karma or not…some say it’s a payback they’re willing to chance.

Bank of America representatives say they plan to work with customers on an individual basis, to get their money back.

The bank says it has video and personal information on everybody who took money from that ATM over the weekend.

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