The funeral service for three Chinese victims from Asiana Airlines accident


The victims of the Asiana Airlines crash earlier this month have been remembered at a memorial service near San Francisco in California.

Footage broadcast by Hong Kong-based Phoenix TV showed relatives of the victims, Asiana Airlines officials and Chinese diplomats at the entrance of Cypress Lawn Funeral Home in Colma, California.

San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee was seen leaving the funeral home following the service for the three Chinese girls who died, but he declined to make any comments to reporters.

The network reported that the parents of the girls spoke at the service.

The Chinese consul general in San Francisco, Yuan Nansheng, was also there.

“I believe that when they (victims’ parents) are back in China, they will remember their children, and live a good life everyday,” Yuan said.

“The better they live their life is the best way of remembering their daughters,” added the diplomat.

The girls were killed when a Boeing 777 crash-landed after approaching a San Francisco International Airport runway too low and too slow on July 6.

Wang Linjia, 16, was thrown out the back of the plane, Liu Yipeng, 15, died days later from her injuries, and 16-year-old Ye Mengyuan was struck and killed by a fire vehicle rushing to fight a blaze that broke out on the plane.

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