Asian Health Services new clinic

(This is an excerpt of a press release from Asian Health Services)

OAKLAND, CA – Asian Health Services is pleased to announce the Grand Opening of its New Clinic located at the heart of Oakland Chinatown.

“At $11 million total cost, this is the largest Capital Project in the history of AHS,” said Sherry Hirota, CEO.  “With 20 new exam rooms, the Clinic is a 50% expansion in our capacity, a much needed increase as we have more than 5,000 patients on the wait list.”

The New Clinic is financed in part with a $5 million Federal grant awarded to AHS as part of the rollout of President Obama’s national health care reform.

“AHS’s New Clinic is a living example of how the President’s health care reform directly benefits our community here in Oakland,” said Congresswoman Barbara Lee.  “I am pleased to support Asian Health Services in expanding its long-standing practice of providing quality health care to the medically underserved.”

The New Clinic provides patient-centered, team-based care where each patient will be served by a team of care providers including a physician, medical assistant/health coach, nurse, and interpreter, among others.  “Our New Clinic creates new jobs as well as generates new business for Chinatown vendors,” said Carl Chan, Chair of the AHS Board of Directors.  “We are a proud member of the Chinatown community, proud to help keep Chinatown vital and vibrant for many generations to come.”

The second floor of the New Clinic will house AHS’s Geriatric Center of Excellence.  “Elderly patients are a high care priority for us,” said Dr. Susan Huang, Medical Director.  “Many elderly patients experience significant disparities in the care and management of their medical condition.  Our New Clinic will provide evidence-based best practices in geriatric care, including falls risk assessment and intervention, end-of-life care, and depression screening and intervention.”

To help cover the capital cost of the New Clinic, AHS has launched a $3 million Capital Campaign to raise funds from private donors.

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