Asian-American vote crucial in presidential elections

(Excerpts from press release)

Northern California Asian Pacific Islander Americans for Mitt Romney. ( NCAA). NCAA members feel that some of Asian and American cultural and traditional values, such as strong family unit, the rewards of hard work, free enterprise and freedom of religion are being threatened today by the direction an philosophical policies that President Obama has implemented during his administration. Such as, increasing the size of government, higher taxes.

In the meantime, In Charlotte, NC, Asian Americans and Pacific islanders show unwavering support for President Obama. Asian American and Pacific Islander Democratic leaders kicked off the convention by holding an official party caucus to outline the campaign’s strategy to reach voters. Officials acknowledged that AAPI voters are expected to vote in record numbers this fall, according to a recent poll released by APIAVote showing that close elections in important states like Florida, Nevada, and Virginia could go to the candidates who best engage AAPIs, a demographic with increasing political clout.

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