Arizona couple arrested for abusing 3 daughters

An Arizona couple is facing abuse and kidnapping charges — after their children told police they’d been imprisoned at home for several years.

Three girls – ages 12, 13 and 17- claim they were held in captivity by their mother and stepfather. Authorities arrested the couple at the family home in Tucson Tuesday morning.

Police discovered the children after the two younger girls escaped and ran to a neighbor’s house, pleading for help.

A man who also lives nearby says he didn’t know any children were at the home.

“If there was kids, they never came out and played. We have kids all over this neighborhood and they had to try extra hard to keep themselves secluded, you know, because obviously somebody would have said – noticed something.”

All three children have been removed from the home.

Authorities say the girls were dirty and malnourished.

They told police they hadn’t bathed in four to six months — and were only fed once a day.

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