All-door boarding for Muni to begin

(KTSF by Sean Au)

From Sunday, July 1, San Franciso’s Muni will allow passengers to board from the back doors of buses. However, the agency will also step up its crackdown on fare evaders.

Passengers who board from the back doors must be a transfer passenger who has paid the fare, or must use the card reader to pay their fares using the Clipper card reader.

The SF Municipal Transportation Agency says this policy is to shorten the time that passengers take to exit and board the buses, thereby increasing the efficiency of operating the buses.

Critics of the plan says this would encourage fare evasion, but the SFMTA emphasized that it has increased fare inspectors from the current 42 to 52. The SFMTA expects this policy to cost $700,000 for the first fiscal year of implementation.

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