Alameda ‘s measure B1: Sale tax increase

(KTSF by Susannah Lee)

Alameda is among the Bay Area counties looking in the November election to raise the sales tax.

Among the local counties, Alameda imposes the highest sales tax at the rate of 8.75%. And, it wants to increase the rate by 0.5% to 9.25% through ballot Measure B1.

The increased tax revenue will be used for improving infrastructure and public transportation.

Some residents say the tax increase will make life even harder during this sluggish economy. And others who don’t use public transportation disagree with Measure B1.

Transportation policy concern group Transform points out that better public transit services is the way to solve traffic congestion. They feel it’s also essential for people who don’t or cannot afford to drive, such as some minority and low-income communities.

The Organization for Justice and Equality, however, is concerned that the sales tax increase will discourage consumers from spending, which in turn hurts the economy.

Alameda Measure B1 takes at least two-thirds of voter supports to pass.

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