Alameda Co: Hazmat disposal fees goes up in July


Residents of Alameda County will soon be paying more to dispose of hazardous waste following adoption of a new fee structure by the county’s waste management agency on Wednesday.

Starting July 1, the Alameda County Waste Management Authority board will increase the household hazardous waste fee to $9.95 per year per residential unit. Fees will be collected via the property tax roll.

StopWaste spokesman Jeff Becerra said revenues from the fee would be used to support the household hazardous waste program and expanded services to residents throughout Alameda County.

The program provides safe, legal, environmentally sound collection and disposal services for hazardous waste such as paint, solvents and pesticides.

Becerra said the hazardous waste collection program is currently funded through a per-ton fee on municipal solid waste disposed of in landfills. He added that the fee has not changed since 2000 and without the additional funding, the program would have been cut back dramatically.

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