Man arrested for shooting at woman over egg roll

A bizarre story out of Southwest Birmingham, Alabama.

Police say the owner of a Chinese and seafood restaurant has been arrested. He’s charged with shooting at a young woman, who claims that she found a roach in an egg roll.

Dennison Avenue’s ‘Good Friends’ Chinese and seafood restaurant is the center of a Birmingham police investigation. Jatari Walker told us she went into the restaurant and bought dinner. On the way home, she took a bite.

“I bit into my egg roll and I discovered there was a roach inside,” said Walker.

She went back to get a refund, but instead – “She still wouldn’t give me my money back so I sat it on the counter and it rolled onto the floor and the lady who was taking an order was like, ‘now where’s the roach at?’”

She told police – that as she turned to leave, the owner, Chun Ching pulled out a gun and fired.

“What if the bullet wouldn’t have went in the wall and it woulda hit me and I wouldn’t have been able to go home to my child?” said Walker.

Detectives showed up – and put Ching behind bars.

“I would like to see them shut down because if you were this hysterical over a roach, over a roach in an egg roll, what makes me or anybody else feel that folks can come in your restaurant and you just go ballistic again?” said Walker.

Despite last night’s series of events, Good Friends seems to have kept it’s popularity. the restaurant had a steady stream of customers – and a line around the building for the drive thru


Workers at the restaurant didn’t want to talk to us about what happened.

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