Upset elderly passenger pulls bus driver from seat, causes pile-up


An 83-year-old passenger caused a nine-vehicle pileup in north China’s Tianjin as the driver refused to let him get off when parking was not allowed.

No death or injury was reported. 

At 09:34 Wednesday, passengers on 606 bus were getting off when it reached the “Bin Jiangdao” station. However, shortly after the bus set off for the next stop, an 83-year-old passenger came to the bus driver, claiming he missed the stop and asked the driver to stop immediately.

Out of safety concerns, the driver refused the passenger’s request, which irritated the passenger. He started to pull the driver and drag him out of his driving seat.

Seeing this, the driver pressed the brake really hard and hanged on to the steering wheel. But the bus crushed to the guardrail and caused a nine-vehicle pileup.

Meanwhile, passengers on the bus were thrown to the ground, with two of them being slightly injured.

The passenger who caused the pileup was brought to a local police station for reprimand.

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