93-year-old woman saved while “hanging” from third-floor balcony


A 93-year-old woman, suffering cerebella atrophy for years, was saved by a passerby when “hanging” from the rails of her third-floor balcony on Thursday afternoon in Harbin City, northeast China’s Heilongjiang Province.

“I just passed by the community then and heard someone say that an elderly lady was to jump from the building, so I rushed there while calling the police for help. When I arrived there, I saw the elderly lady was about to jump from the third-floor’s balcony. Someone was holding quilts down there to cushion her in case, and then a man rushed forward suddenly,” said Yang Yanqi, a local resident.

The man rushing forward turned out to be a deliveryman named Zhu Yuancai.

Zhu climbed up the building without any hesitation and in a split second grabbed the woman into her room before she realized — all in less than three minutes.

Zhu said he heard people say the woman had already freed one hand from the rail, and could drop any time.

“I didn’t think too much then and I couldn’t even remember how I climbed there. Back in the room with the elderly lady, my legs trembled when looking down from the window,” recalled Zhu Yuancai.

Soon the woman’s son and daughter in law arrived. They said their mother was a cerebella atrophy patient, but had no body to look after her at home. As a result, such a dangerous scene.

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