900-pound tuna caught off Cape Cod

A more than 900-pound fish and a nearly 14-pound baby are making headlines.Here’s those stories and more in today’s edition of “take a look at this.”

Take a look at this.

Talk about the catch of a lifetime.

A 920-pound, nine-foot-long bluefin tuna was pulled in off Cape Cod.

The fishermen took 15-to-20 minute shifts trying to reel it in.

They succeeded and sold it for four-thousand-bucks.

In spain — something else that’s unusually large.

It’s a baby muy grande.

Doctors say it’s the biggest baby ever born naturally in Spain.

Maria weighed in at 13 pounds and 11 ounces.

And you heard that right, there was no c-section.

The mother is 40 years old — and baby grande is her fourth child.

This dog had quite the reaction to daft punk’s song “get lucky.”

Perhaps that’s because the white german shepherd named wagner already got lucky, since he’s a rescue.

His owners proudly posted his “singing” skills on Youtube.

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