40K bees found in wall of home

If you’ve ever heard a buzzing sound when you’re in an empty room, you may want to check inside the walls.

A couple in utah did. The couple found about 40-thousand bees.

It all started here about three or four years ago…

Inside of this wall, but tyler judd and his wife have only lived here a few months.

“we were just sitting on our couch in the living room, we just turned off the tv and could hear some buzzing in the walls.”

So in came al chubak, a bee keeper.

First he checked the soffett where the bees were swarming, but they weren’t living there.

That’s just their door in and out, and they weren’t in the ceiling.

They were here.

“They came out and cut that large hole you see behind me in the wall to find the bees.”

Doing what bees don’t normally do: moving out the insulation so they could move in.

“it’s easy to remove the hive if you find the queen.”

Bees don’t bother al — much.

“I’ve been bit as many as 100 times at once.”

He just turns his bee vacuum on and gets to work sucking out the bees, keeping them out of his hair, and peeling apart the combs, so the hive can be relocated.

“The funny thing with hives is that the ones that beekeepers have in their boxes seem to be dying across the county, all over: 60% since last fall, yet the ones in homes are doing fantastic.”
This hive is bigger than al expected.

“i’m going to have to open up more wall at some point, because they’re on the other side.”

…but if you don’t get it all…

“it’s much thicker than i thought.”

The bees will just come back.

“this shows this hive is just preparing to swarm again and again in this neighborhood.”

So despite all that buzzing and all those stingers.

“that’s a stinger.”

Al presses on.

After all, his job does come with some pretty sweet rewards.

Fresh honey dripping straight from the comb.

“not too many jobs that you can lick the stuff that’s on the inside of your walls.”


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