31 Students survived air crash return to China


31 students and teachers who survived the Asiana air crash have arrived at Jiangshan in Zhejiang Province Sunday afternoon, sharing details of the crash at a press conference.

One and half hour earlier, the parents were already gathered at the school gate expecting their children.

Students lining up at the school gate were holding banners reading “welcome home safely”, when the bus arrived at Jiangshan High School.

Ye Lianjun, the teacher who led the students during their visiting to the U.S., gave out details of the accident at a press conference held late on Sunday.

He said he was moved by the students who had shown great spirit caring about other survivors during the accident.

“As soon as we confirmed that three students were missing, I started to be anxious about it, and ask the police officers around. Then one police officer told me that some students were severely injured and sent to hospital before we came,” said Ye, adding that he and other students circled an injured stewardess on the accident site, told her to lay down, and stopped her from bleeding with clothes. He said he was really worried then, looking around to see if there is doctor come to save her.

Ye said that in the end he had to leave the airport with other students, hoping that the three girls were taken into hospital. However, no one went to sleep once back at the hotel, everybody was looking for their classmates, said Ye.

Ye said the students had experienced so much in the ten days since the accident, things beyond his and their imagination.

“Maybe it helps them to have a deeper understanding to friendship and family love, including the girls, they keep saying that they couldn’t have been more brave like this, if it wasn’t for the accident,” said Ye.

Local authorities have invited experts in psychology, to help the students adjust themselves after the disaster.

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