3 killed in central China bus stabbings


A knife-wielding man killed three people and wounded 12 aboard a bus in the country’s latest rampage attack, police said Tuesday.

A suspect was in custody and police were seeking to confirm he was the assailant in Monday’s attack, said a government spokeswoman in the central city of Anyang who declined to give her name as is common with Chinese bureaucrats. There was no immediate word on a motive.

Those killed were an infant and two boys, although it wasn’t known whether the assailant had deliberately targeted young people, the Anyang police said in a statement on their website.

Attackers in some previous incidents have targeted children, either out of revenge or blind rage. Observers have blamed attacks on chronic weaknesses in a mental health system that fails to diagnose and treat those who might be a threat.

Recent attacks include the stabbing of six government family planning workers last month, two of whom died.

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