Winter Fancy Food Show opens in San Francisco

(KTSF by Jessie Liang)

San Francisco, CA – Italian Chef Fabio Ugoletti from ALMA, the International Cooking School from Colorno (Parma), is introducing the traditional Italian food such as Bologna, Salami, and Speck Alto Adige.

Ugoletti says the Mortadella Bologna is pairing with foam of pear and chopped pistachio nuts. The reason is “because when you eat Mortadella Bologna, you will feel the present of the fat at the end. So the freshness of the fruit, especially the pear cleans your mouth,” Ugoletti said.

Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco (KTSF)

The show takes place January 19 -21, 2014, at Moscone Center. There are 1,300 exhibitors from across the U.S. and 35 countries and regions.

According to Specialty Food Association, the pavilion, called “New Brands on the Shelf”, presents dozens of innovative specialty foods and beverages from 30 new companies that are participating at a Fancy Food Show for the first time.

Bridget McQueen, the founder of Polska Foods, says when she visited her family in Porland, she tried the Pierogi and loved it so much. McQueen decided to make Pierogi by herself. She started to look for fresh ingredients locally and produce her own pierogi about two years ago.

“A lot of people said you can’t take food that you make in the kitchen and then mass produce it. It doesn’t work. We’re trying to prove them wrong and say we can do it,” McQueen said.

Why does her pierogi taste so good and natural? McQueen says, “If you look on our ingredient list, it’s very clean and every ingredient that you can find in your house. That’s it.”

Ken Seiter, Chief Marketing Director from Specialty Food Association, states one of the purpose of the show is to provide an opportunity for exhibitors to tell their own story of producing new specialty foods. “We’re branded Specialty Food, Craft, Care and Joy. We have Craft, Care and Joy because our memebers are really producing these product with care, and it’s special,” Seiter said.

Fancy Food show is twice a year, Summer and Winter. The Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco will end tomorrow, January 21.

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