San Francisco 2012 International Auto Show


(KTSF by Ricky Chan)

The 54th Annual International Auto Show in San Francisco features the 2012 model vehicles from the world’s major manufacturers. According to Kevin Diamond, Director of San Francisco International Auto Show, the difference between this year’s show and the past years is the number of green vehicles brought by auto manufacturers, “Just about every major manufacturer has brought us at least one vehicle that is clean in terms of the environment and or in terms of the fuel mileage, whether it’s the BMW Active-E or Nissan Leaf,” said Diamond.

The auto show displays the 2012 model cars, SUVs, trucks and vans, alternative fuel and hybrid vehicles and exotic sports cars from 36 of the world’s major manufacturers, customers attend the show have a close look at the cars they like, or even have the opportunity to sit behind the wheels.

The venue also welcome many children accompanied by their parents. One of the parents says, he comes here to look at the cars that he targets to buy, and he brings his children with him because he wants to see how to accommodate the whole family into the car, which he’s unable to do it in dealerships. In an auto show like this, he says he can avoid dealing with sales executives, and more importantly can view different target cars in one spot.

Other than new cars, manufacturers also show new technologies. One of them allows drivers to control cell phone and audio system with voice commands, so that drivers would not be distracted when they are driving.

One of the exhibitors also allow people to test drive its new car in the venue, and for those youngsters who don’t have driver license, enjoy the fun of driving simulator games.
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