Thirteen-year-old boy stops robbery in his home

Authorities in California are calling a 13-year-old boy a hero for stopping a robbery — in his own house.

I’m not supposed to answer for anyone.

13-year-old alex gouveia was home from school when a man kept pounding on his door.

They just wouldn’t go away and saw someone kept knocking.

Alex says he called his dad who told him to call 911…. alex then ran into the backyard and hid.
While he was on the phone with police…. three men broke into the house and started ransacking it.

Hoping that I get somewhere safe while guys were in my home.

The suspects took jewelry, video games and other items and started loading it into Alex’s duffle bag. Alex waited until police arrived.. and showed officers where to find the suspects.

They tried to escape through the window and officers got them.

We asked alex what he thought when he saw the suspects.

I just thought what kind of man are you?

I feel very proud was able to help our community. And again, just glad he’s ok.

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