12-year-old boy makes court appearance

Entering the San Andreas courtroom where their son was formally charged with their daughter’s murder, the fowler family didn’t speak, deferring to their attorneys.

They’re going through extremely difficult times. I can tell you they’re a good family and like any good family, this is extremely problematic for them.

In the court, (name bleeped out ) was calm and seemingly unaffected by the proceedings.My client is holding up very well under very difficult circumstances.

Judge John martin explained the complex nature of juvenile court in simple terms, with Fowler speaking to his attorneys before answering.

Outside court, the fowler family attorneys told reporters they believe the 12 year old is innocent. and that the investigation by calaveras county deputies was botched.

How could a 12 year old like this commit an offense in such a way that would not lead to an immediate arrest and would take 2,000 hours of law enforcement resources and FBI resources before they felt it pointed toward him.

The attorneys also wanted to let the people of valley springs, who so diligently raised funds for leila’s family, know that the money wasn’t going to Isaiah’s defense.

There’s no misunderstanding, everything they’ve received on behalf of those who were nice enough to show them support has nothing to do with their legal team.

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