12-foot alligator spotted close to Florida shore

A Florida beach community is closed as wildlife crews search for a 12-foot alligator.

Someone spotted the gator too close to the shore.

Once this photo made the rounds, a twelve foot alligator, which appears he hasn’t missed too many meals, staring down the camera the camera off the end of the sweetwater beach boat dock.

The yellow tape and the beach closed signs popped up.

“I’m glad they closed the lake because I don’t feel like swimming with the gators.”

For the sweetwater oaks homeowners…the decision was easy.

“For safety in a residence. A lot of parents bring their little kids here to sit on the edge, get in the water. Can’t happen now.”
fish and wildlife’s been called.

The picture was given to them for review.

A trapper will work to bait the gator and get it out of lake brantley.

The critter is simply too bold.

“He didn’t move away from the picture which tells me he’s not afraid.”

So kids at the playground, people on boats, not a problem.

In the water, at the beach, not now.

“I guess for our safety it’s a good thing but yeah I guess it’s a good thing they closed it.”

Frustrating for children because the sun is setting on summer break.

“We were about to come here swimming last night and then we decided not to because my mom said they saw a gator down here.”

“I want to swim in the lake because it’s summer, of course.”

Whether this guy has moved on is anybody’s guess.

But the tape and the signs will stay up until either a large gator is caught or until days go by without another sighting.


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