Chinese figure skater visits Bay Area


(KTSF by Ricky Chan)

12-year-old Chinese figure skater Karen Chen is preparing for the U.S. Figure Skating Championships in San Jose in January, after winning the novice category at the Pacific Coast sectionals in Salt Lake City.

Karen started ice skating when she was four years old, and she practices six days a week.

Karen’s mother and coaches say Karen is  kind of stubborn. She does not want to leave the ice until she is satisfied  with the entire program that she is practicing. Sherri Krahne-Thomas, one of Karen’s coaches, says, “Karen is a wonderful, talented child who is such a hard worker.  We have to drag Karen off the ice, not the other way around.” Karen admits her stubbornness, saying she wants to keep working on a specific move until she feels it’s smooth.

Both coaches are happy with Karen’s performance, and they are confident on her for the upcoming major competition.  “It’s excellent. She had a really good season, from the very beginning of the year. You start off the beginning of the year, and you do competition preparing for yourself for this one major competition which is coming up,” says Gilley Nicholson, one of Karen’s coaches.

Karen’s younger brother now goes to the practice with her, after seeing his sister succeed in the sport.

The young skater says she gets used to injuries and keeps skating even it’s sometimes hurts a little. However, she still talks to the coaches when that happens.  She won’t push too hard because she knows that the injury can get worse.

Karen’s goal is to go to Olympic Games.  And she will keep working hard to achieve her goal.  But for now, she’s preparing for the national championship in January.  While there is not much time left, she is confident in doing a clean program in the competition.


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    Karen Chen is Taiwanese, not Chinese.

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