10-year-old girl buys bullet proof vest for police dog

A heartwarming story of a 10-year old girl helping her community.

A member of the police force in Holyoke, Massachusetts is now a lot safer.

Thanks to Allison Henry of Palmer who was honored Thursday for raising enough money for the department to buy a bullet proof vest for one of their k-9 dogs, named Ryker.

Her mother found out about Ryker through a group called “vested interest in k-9′s.”

Allison decided that instead of birthday presents this year, she would ask for donations to help get Ryker a vest.

“I just feel that a dog should be safe because I really like animals.”

“A young lady at 10 years of age making an impact in the world, making a positive impact.”

Also Thursday night, the department introduced its two newest k-9 members, June and Titan.

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