New stamp featuring dragon

(KTSF by Hellas Leung)

 The  U.S. Postal Service today issued a new Forever Stamp featuring a dragon, which is the fifth of 12 animals associated with the Chinese lunar calendar.
Today is the first day of the year of the Dragon, which is regarded as magical or divine, welcome symbols of renewed hope for the future.   San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee said  “Somebody wants to get married in the Chinese New Year, especially in the year of dragon, so they can have many dragons . “  
This year of the dragon  is called  the “Water Dragon.”  Edward M. Chen, a federal Magistrate Judge for the Northern District of Caifornia  says the water element focuses on  ” the well being of others’ rather than their own. They are more diplomatic and intuitive .” 
New stamps can be purchased at a local Post Office or at The Postal Store website at, or by calling 800-STAMP-24. 
The public has 60 days to obtain the first-day-of-issue postmark by mail.The Postal Service also offers first-day covers for new stamp issues and Postal Service stationery items postmarked with the official first-day-of-issue cancellation.

 To receive a free catalog, call  800-STAMP-24 or  write  to:

Information Fulfillment
Dept. 6270
U.S. Postal Service
P.O. Box 219014
Kansas City, MO 64121-9014

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