Shark fin suppliers sues state over ban

(KTSF by Hellas Leung)

 lawsuit  was filed  in San Francisco Superior Court  today arguing  that  the ban recently passed on the sale, distribution or use of   shark  fins, violates Congress’ authority to regulate interstate commerce.

The Asian American Rights Committee of California filed the lawsuit and released a written statement:

“…The ban is unnecessary, culturally insensitive, and unconstitutional. It purports to address the practice of shark finning, but shark finning is already illegal. Banning shark fin soup, which can be made from legally harvested sharks like those used for shark steak and sharkskin leather, is not the answer…”

The  Committee  was establised last year  with the aim of combating  misconceptions about fishing practices.

Assemblymember Paul Fong who introduced the ban, AB 376, released a statement today in response to the recent court filing:

“…There are a fringe group of people that wish to still profit off the remaining sharks we have left and are willing to take this species to the brink of extinction for their own monetary gain. …Despite the actions of this group, which consist mainly of shark fin industry representatives, an overwhelming number of Asian Pacific American (APA) elected officials and organizations support this ban…”

Pius Lee, one of the advocates who  is  against the ban, said the legal fees for filing the lawsuit come from  merchant  donations . 

If they lose, Lee said, the committee must appeal.


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