Winter driving tips

(KTSF by Ricky Chan)

It’s Winter and it’s ski season. The California Highway Patrol reminds people to drive safely on snow. Tony Tam, an officer with the CHP, says when people want to drive to skiing, they may want to tell their family and friends. In case anything happens, they know what to tell the Police and ask for help.

Before taking off, check the vehicle, make sure it is well maintained and have the recommended tire pressure. And it is also important to use antifreeze windshield washer fluid. Officer  Tam says, “Because if you are in a cold area and your windshield washer fluid freezes up, it’s not going to come out of the tubes, so you are going to be stuck as if you have nothing.”

Check the weather and road conditions. Go to the California Department of Transportations for the road condition. Drivers might need tire chains or cables beforehand, and put them on when needed. Officer Tam says, “However, if the conditions get so bad, they can require chains on all vehicles, even a 4-wheel-drive vehicles, and at some point, if it gets so bad, they will shut the road down.” Try to put chains on the wheels at home. Otherwise, it will be difficult to do so in the snow.

When you lose control of your vehicle, stay calm. Officer Tam continues, “The last thing you want to do is slam on your breaks. Just take your foot off the gas, and  turn your vehicle into the skid, into the direction that you are skiding into., and hopefully that will regain the control of your vehicle. And keep you from spinning out of control.”

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