Recall process of Oakland Mayor

(KTSF by Hellas Leung)

The process of collecting signatures to support recall action against Oakland Mayor Jean Quan may be started.

Mayor Quan says “I think they could get the signatures.  I hope that they don’t.  It will divide the city and take a lot of energy away. My 11-month record is not perfect, but pretty strong.”

Quan said recall actions should be taken against government officials who have committed criminal crimes only, not her.

“Because I am a woman? Because I am Asian?  Because of stereotype?”

Quan said she is supposed to serve a four-year term.

Gene Hazzard, one of the people who initiated the recall action, said Quan has no insight to develop the city or solve the problem of high unemployment rate.

“You are elected to four-year term doesn’t mean that you have to stay there four years.  If the residents as indicated voters in Oakland have said, ‘enough is enough,’ they can’t go along with mismanagement and poor planning,” Hazzard said.

Quan does not plan to resign in spite of the criticism.

“(Under what circumstance do you think you are willing to give up your job as a mayor?)I don’t think you are willing to give up your job.  The reality is I thought I am the best candidate for mayor.  I still think I am,” Quan said.

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