Know your options under health care reform

(KTSF by Susannah Lee)

California leads the nation in taking advantage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, but many who could benefit are not aware of their options.

Consumer rights group, Health Access , reminds the public that some new options and protections are now available to many considered “uninsurable .”

Anthony Wright, Executive Director of Health Access says, ” Now there is a new program that can provide coverage to people, even if they were denied by private insurers for pre-existing conditions .” He added that, “In many counties in California, there are options for people to get coverage through a low income health program, even if they are at or around the poverty level. They can sign up and get coverage before 2014.”

Extensive information about the Act and new benefits are available on government and concern groups websites.
Federal government:
Health Access:
California Pan-Ethnic Health Network:

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