Counterfeit bills sentence


(KTSF by Hellas Leung)
A San Francisco judge has sentenced a Chinatown merchant, Peter Cheng, to three years and four months of incarceration due to ten counts of counterfeit bill charges.
Robert M. Amparan, the defense attorney, believes probation would be a more appropriate sentence.
He says, “[The judge] fails to consider the fact that this is an 82-year-old man with no prior convictions or arrests,P a man who has been active in the Chinese and Vietnamese communities.”
Today, Peter Cheng listened in a courtroom in the Hall of Justice through a Chinese interpreter. Cheng was convicted of giving $36,000 in fake currency to three unsuspecting victims.
Amparan believes his client was tricked, saying “If the machine cannot tell the difference, how do you expect an 82-year-old man [to know]?”
However, the prosecutor disagreed. Michael R. Sullivan, the assistant district attorney, says “Basically, there are four separate transactions that the defendant was convicted of. He passed money that is genuine currency on top, and counterfeit money on the bottom.”
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