Million Mile Club



Welcome to the Million Mile Club! A group of 19 US postal service drivers were honored in the San Francisco Processing and  Distribution Center today for going 30 plus years without a preventable accident. Each of them received a plaque and a lifetime membership in the council’s “Million Mile Club.”

One driver who has been driving at least 6.5 hours everyday for over 30 years says the key is focus and patience.  Darry Louie, a Chinese American relief carrier in the San Bruno post office, says: “Just be patient and watch out for the drivers. Don’t get on the horn and start honking. I figured if you honk a horn at someone, it’s always too late.”

Michael Jung, another postal driver in the San Bruno office, says that he always checks his surroundings  and makes sure there are no people who might be in danger. He also looks around his truck to make sure there isn’t anything that could cause an accident.

The award is an annual event for the post office which is aimed  at encouraging more postal drivers to be good drivers.


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