San Jose seeks help solving hate crimes

(KTSF by Sean Au)

San Jose Police Department are asking victims of hate crimes to come forward and report such crimes . They are also want members of the public to help solve a hate crime from last November.

32 year old San Jose resident Atull Lall of Indian descent was about to leave the parking lot at Lucky supermarket on South White Road, around 9.30pm on November 21 last year, when he was confronted by three men who wanted him out of his car. One of them opened the door of the victim’s car, threw punches at him , spat at him and even hit him with a Tequila bottle.

San Jose Police Department spokesperson Sergeant Jason Dwyer says, “As one of the suspects was striking the victim with a bottle in his hand, he was yelling out that the victim was a terrorist, obviously the victim is of east Indian descent. This is problematic because he was targeted because of his race and ethnicity. It is unacceptable in our community.”

Atull Lall drove himself to the hospital after the assault. He had his jaw broken and lost six teeth, incurring a medical bill of about $20,000. Lall says he still suffers having nightmares from the attack . “Hate crimes are unacceptable. It has more than a physical ramifications It affects you quite deeply, mentally,” says Lall.

Police released a sketch of one of the suspects. He is described as a Hispanic male, 5’6″, overweight, and wearing dark colored clothes during the incident. The other two suspects are Hispanic or white. Police urge anyone with information to call them at 408-277-4161.

Figures from Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office show that the cases that the office has handled, fell from 21 in 2010 to 13 cases last year. Statistics show half of the hate crimes victims have been targeted because of their sexual orientation and the other half, for their race or national origin.

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