Giants MVP Marco Scutaro

(KTSF by Sean Au)

The San Francisco Giants beat the St. Louis Cardinals 9-0 in Game 7 of the National League championship series on Monday . One key player contributing to this turnaround is freshly minted MVP Marco Scutaro.

Reaction by fans was no surprise:

“He came through like crazy. He definitely deserves it,” says a fan outside AT&T Park. Another says “He has definitely established himself as a very good key player to the team at this point.”

Marco Scutaro received his MVP trophy in the rain with his wife and children beside him. Turning 37 next week, Scutaro comes from Venezuela. He was drafted by the Cleveland Indians in 1994 and has since played for 8 MLB teams, but it was only this July, that he was traded mid – season to the Giants. He had a score of .362 during the post season games, and scored 14 hits, a key factor to the Giants win of the National League Championship Series.

“It means a lot man, just to be part of this team and just being in the playoffs and have the opportunity to have this experience, for me, is unbelievable,” says Scutaro after Monday’s game.

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