Chinatown Neighborhood Court panelists are honored

(From Press Release by San Francisco District Attorney Office)

San Francisco – District Attorney George Gascón will honor Chinatown Neighborhood Court panelists for their service to the community.

Chinatown Neighborhood Courts is part of the District Attorney’s Neighborhood Courts Initiative. Neighborhood Courts give residents a chance to resolve nonviolent crimes in their neighborhood. Residents serve as volunteer adjudicators and hear cases in a neighborhood setting, using restorative justice to repair the harm caused by the crimes.

Neighborhood Courts is a partnership between the District Attorney’s Office, Community Boards, and Pre-trial Diversion. The District Attorney’s Office refers appropriate misdemeanor and infraction cases to 10 Neighborhood Courts throughout San Francisco.

When persons cited for misdemeanors and infractions agree to participate in Neighborhood Courts, their citations are discharged. The Neighborhood Court process is a voluntary program and the hearings are non-criminal.

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