Crabs arrive


(KTSF by Jo Wan)
After waiting in the fog at Pier 45 for an hour,  the first boat carrying crabs this season finally arrived. It was one hour late than expected. But both fishermen and wholesalers were happy, “We are happy to see the crab. Too bad, we missed the holiday season.”
Boats had been docked in the Bay Area for two weeks due to a price dispute between  buyers and fishermen. Buyers had wanted $2 a pound, but the fishermen had wanted $2.50 a pound to cover rising fuel and equipment costs. Yesterday, both sides finally agreed to $2.25 per pound.
At Pier 45, one fisherman was loading crab pots on to the boats and was ready to head out to sea. He said last year’s Dungeness crab season was the most abundant in years. So his expectation of the catch for this year is not as good as everyone has hoped.   At least, people can have their Dungeness crabs for Christmas dinner.
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