Two Chinese children with leukemia need donors..


(KTSF Trista Wang)

One day before last Thanksgiving, the family of 12 years old Vicky Tran noticed she was very pale. Her aunt Jenny Tran said, “they found out that her blood level was very low so she got a blood tranfusion and then the following day, she was diagnosed with leukemia.”

Vicky is not alone in this fight. 4 year old Kyle Crawford was diagnosed with aplastic anemia and is also searching for a marrow donor.
Kyle is half Chinese and half Caucasian, making his search for a match challenging.

Ruby Law from Asian American Donor Program explained, there are two ways of donating your blood stem cells. Which procedure you undergo depends on the needs of the patient you have matched.

The two ways of donating are different methods for donating the exact same type of cell that a patient needs. However, studies have shown that a receiving patient can react differently to the blood stem cells, depending on where they were donated from – whether from the marrow itself, or from your circulating blood.

There will be three bone marrow drives this weekend, including one in San Mateo on Saturday morning and one in Oakland Chinatown on Sunday morning and one in downtown Burlingame on Sunday evening.

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