Sown Le Choi visits Bay Area


(KTSF by Ricky Chan)

Sown Le Choi, who is a famous Asian pianist from Hong Kong, was influenced by his artistic parents when he was a child. He listened to a lot of  music at home, fell in love with music, and from then on, started learning piano. When he was eight or nine years old, he accompanied on piano while his elder brother played violin.

Many parents want their children to learn musical instruments in order to develop their brains, or refine their temperament. Choi advices  parents to play classical music at home, saying it helps children develop interest in music, so it will be easier when they learn any musical instruments. In addition to that, he says parents should also let their children play different instruments instead of only one.

Choi will have a piano performance tomorrow night in San Mateo, and after this he will go back to Hong Kong. He won’t visit the US until next year when he performs in New York  and Boston.


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