Students, teachers promote prop 30

(Excerpts from press release)

Today, the Chinese Progressive Association (CPA) joined with students for Quality Education at San Francisco State University for a teach-in and rally to demonstrate the pressing need to stop tuition hikes, free up more revenue for higher education ,a and ensure that California’s public colleges and universities remain accessible for San Francisco’s students and communities.

In just the last ten years, the CSU system has seen student fees rise by 318% and support in the state general fund fall by more than $680 million. As a result, student debt and class sizes are at an all-time high. To counter this trend of disinvestment in higher education, SFSU students collaborated with CPA volunteers and local high school students to advocate the passage of Proposition 30 which would ” Tax the 1%” on the upcoming November ballot. If successful, the initiative backed by Governor Brown will prevent further tuition increases; generate at least $750 million for higher education alone.

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