Food for Thanksgiving


(KTSF by Jessie Liang)

San Francisco, CA – The day before Thanksgiving, many people come to San Francisco Chinatown for their holiday feast.

This BBQ shop is packed with many customers. “Thanksgiving is a family reunion day. We eat turkey and roast pork,” said the customer.

Chef Pang says they are already sold out of turkeys but still many people buy roast pork, chicken and BBQ pork, etc. Although people are more excited during Chinese New Year and Mid-Autumn festival, the crowd is still more than usual.

Pang says, “Thanksgiving is an American holiday, but we get more customers than usual buying turkey and roast pork. Because it’s a holiday and Chinese people would like to celebrate as well.”

Thanksgiving is a reunion day for American people. But for Chinese immigrants, a Thanksgiving feast can have both American and Chinese food.

One Chinese man says, “We have turkey because it’s turkey day. (Do you have Chinese food?) Yes. We have some Chinese dishes and some noodles.”

This Chinese woman says, “We have a big turkey, and we will eat mashed potatoes and yams. (Is it because of American tradition?) Yes. We’re here in the US more than 30 years and have already adopted to American culture. We have kids born here too.”

The other Chinese woman says, “We eat turkey. (What else?) Salad and pizza. (How about Chinese food?) We have Chinese food too. (What do you eat?) Pigeon, fried pigeon.”

Some people would gather and celebrate the holiday at church with both American and Chinese food. (Does anyone not like turkey?) “No, because they love to eat turkey. It depends how you cook it, ” said a Chinese man.

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