Telegraph Hill parrots move to the suburbs

(KTSF by Sean Au)

Hundreds of wild parrots which have made San Francisco’s Telegraph Hill home over the past 30 years have been spotted in Brisbane. Some Brisbane residents say they first saw the parrots a few years ago, but their numbers have increased recently. Many birds can be seen resting in trees and on overhead cables, and some are bold enough to show up at the decks of some residents.

Experts say the parrots might be attracted by the abundant juniper trees here as well as the shelter that San Bruno Mountain provides . However, not all of the Telegraph Hill birds have moved here. It is widely believed that the original parrots escaped from a pet importer and adapted to the San Francisco climate and city life.

San Francisco has since passed legislation prohibiting people from feeding the birds for fear that the birds might be captured or get sick. Brisbane does not have such a law.

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