Chinatown street side shopping during CNY


During Chinese New Year, a section of San Francisco’s Chinatown will be available for street side shopping. This is the first time that the City has allowed stands on sidewalks and parking spaces.

Beginning this Saturday, Jan 14 until Jan 22, Chinatown merchants can sell goods on sidewalks and parking spaces along Stockton between Broadway and Sacramento Streets. Within this period, from 10 am to 6 pm there will be no parking spaces available in the designated area.

The Chinatown Neighborhood Association requested the street side shopping area, hoping to attract business and more foot traffic to Chinatown during New Year’s. More than 30 merchants participated in the pilot project. Pius Lee, President of the association, hopes that the pilot project will be a success and continue in the future.

To ensure pedestrian safety, the stands will have to face the sidewalk. And, space between the stands and shops have to be at least 6 feet wide for foot traffic.

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