Translation of poems by Zen monks

(KTSF by Jo Wan)

Thoughts on Climbing Drinkwater Ridge
” Misty steps like scales of fish,
My staff in had , I stride ahead.
Water jets from a dragon’s mouth;…..”
~Wuyi Yuanlai

San Francisco State University Professor Charles Egan has won the 2011 Lucien Stryk Asian Translation Prize for his collection of poetry entitled “Clouds Thick, Whereabouts Unknown: Poems by Zen Monks of China.”

Egan has spent  about ten years translating 190 Zen poems from Chinese to English. Egan says that the simplicity of Zen poetry belies its complex ideology and sophisticated language. So he prefaced the poems wit description of the religious and literary background. Also included are extensive explanatory notes and introductions of the poets. The book is designed to be accessible to undergraduates and readers who may be new to the genre.

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