New SF parking meter plan sparks complaints

(KTSF by Sean Au)

The SFMTA (San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency) approved last month a plan to add about 5,000 new parking meters in the South of Market, Dogpatch, Potrero Hill and northeast Mission neighborhoods. After an outcry from business owners and residents in the afffected neighborhoods, the SFMTA says it will work with the communities to fine tune the plan.

Charlie O’Hanlon operates a motorcycle service shop on 17th Street in the Mission and parks some of his clients’ motorcycles on the street. He says installing parking meters on the street fronting his shop will cause his business to close. “It effectively taxes me practically out of business. ” claims O’Hanlon. “There is already a lot of taxes that I am already paying.”



SFMTA says that adding parking meters will encourage vehicle turnover and solve the parking issue in the neighborhoods, as well as encourage commuters to use public  transportation. 

Some residents we spoke to, disagree. “I think it just costs more for those who actually live here,” says one resident  . “… and if they get rid of sticker parking in favor of meter parking, I feel like that would just exacerbate the problem.”

Another resident says, “It is a cheap trick to get more fast cash to fix whatever budget problems they have and it is not the right way to go about running the city.”

O’Hallon says business owners and residents are coming together to collect data about how adding parking meters would affect the community, and will present their findings to SFMTA. Responding to our  questions, SFMTA says it  will   work with the communities in each area and create plans on a block by block basis.

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