San Jose launches campaign to discourage texting while driving

(KTSF by Susannah Lee)

The city of San Jose is among the first to take part in an national effort to promote no texting behind the wheel.

The ban on using mobile phones without hands-free devices in California has been in effect for more than 3.5 years. But according to San Jose Police Chief Chris Moore, law enforcement agencies are seeing an increase in people who are violating or ignoring that law.

Moore says that 10% of traffic fatalities nationwide can be attributed to distracted driving. Texting is a big concern to authorities.

Some feel that increasing the penalty is the only way to make people conscious of the consequences of texting while driving. Others believe that many people don’t think they’ll get caught and won’t learn until an accident happens.

San Jose is showing support for the “It Can Wait” campaign, a national effort by AT&T to promote no texting behind the wheels.

City officials including Mayor Chuck Reed, the Director of the Transportation Department and SJPD Chief Chris Moore join others in signing a pledge not to text and drive.

A simulator will be brought into the streets of San Jose on Sept 19, to let the public experience the danger posed by texting while driving.

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