San Jose students want minimum wage increase


(KTSF By Hellas Leung)

San Jose State students are trying to have a ballot measure that would raise the minimum wage from $8 to $10 an hour.

Students filed paperwork at City Hall to today and will begin collecting signatures tomorrow. They feel that making $8.00 an hour isn’t enough to maintain a basic standard of living.

Employees may welcome the initiative but it’s another story for many employers. Pat Sausedo, vice president of San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce, says they do not believe that it is a good time to increase the minimum wage. Sausedo feels that many small businesses are still struggling even though the economy has rebounded and the increase may make the city of San Jose less competitive than other nearby cities.

According to San Jose’s city clerk, the backers of the proposed ballot measure have 180 days to collect just over 19, 000 valid signatures.

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