San Jose cell tower controversy

(KTSF by Jessie Liang)

San Jose, CA – Verizon Wireless is proposing to set up a 60-foot tall cell tower next to Evergreen Elementary School in San Jose. But the plan is opposed by many parents and neighbors .

The permit for the tower was approved by the City of San Jose last Monday but opponents still have 10 days to appeal by Feb 23, 2012. A group of parents and neighbors are collecting signatures and planning to file a petition by the deadline. If the petition is filed, the City’s Planning Commission would make the final decision in about 45 days.


The new construction site is located at 3880 San Felipe Road, San Jose. The opponents are concerned about the possible health impact especially on their children. Parent Zhefeng Du says, “It’s just like your kid talking over the cell phone 8 hours a day. Years and years, the health impact is significant.”

Neighbor David Cook is also concerned about the property value in this community because one real estate agent told him the value of the house could decrease about 20%. Cook says, “We’re not opposed the cell towers. We use our smart phones and tablets. We really would like to see it places at somewhere else.”

In response to opponents’ concerns, Verizon wrote an email to KTSF and stated “We conducted a thorough analysis of all potential options for adding coverage where customers needed it, and determined that the location at 3880 San Felipe Road was the only available alternative we had to provide service in the identified coverage gap area. The equipment we will install complies fully with all FCC safety standards for human exposure to RF electromagnetic fields. “

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