Internet television

(Excerpts from Press Releases)

Syncbak unveiled its mobile app at Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The technology, known as “over the top” (OTT) television in industry jargon, enables television to be broadcast using a broadband connection instead of the existing cable or satellite systems. “So essentially it’s the same exact broadcast, but available on iphone , android phone, tablet, television , any device consumers has capable reaching the internet, can now get content from braodcast on that device.” Jack Perry , CEO of Syncbak said at CES.

50 stations in 35 markets have installed Syncbak’s technology and are ready to go over-the-top on mobile phones and tablets. KTSF will be launching its international programming suite using the Syncbak platform for national distribution on all devices.

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  1. James Wong says:

    What’s the big deal? Broadcast television is garbage. A tiny screen isn’t going to make it better.

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